Funeral Order of Service 19/05


Scripture Reading: Revelation 14:12-13


Hymn: Amazing Grace

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18


Hymn: Be Thou My Vision


Song: To Be With Christ


Order of Service 16/05

A baptism Sunday is filled with thought about new life, new beginnings, and the end of the old life.

With this thought we start with the Call to Worship and then we pray for the Spirit’s enlightenment and blessing. Appealing to the whole creation to join in the praise to the Creator God, we also add our voices as we sing, All Creatures of Our God and King.

Baptsim is a sign and seal of the New Covenant. Around 600 years before Christ, Ezekiel prophesied about the New Covenant and how God, for His glory,  how He would create a new heart within His people by means of the indwelling of His Spirit. We read about this new life in Ezekiel 36:20-27. Paving the way for God’s fulfilled promise, we sing of the Messiah’s journey to the cross, in Ride on Ride On, In Majesty.

In our second Scripture Reading, we learn how the Ethiopian eunuch was granted new life by faith in Christ alone. His baptism was an external confirmation of the inward death and resurrection. We then sing I Know My Redeemer Lives, and consider the thought of the resurrected Lord Jesus and His life that keeps and sustains us.

We unite our minds and hearts before God in prayer and then take our Bibles and turn to Romans 6 as we learn of The Happy Funeral of Baptism. While taking the offering we sing Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy and then we will witness with joy and thankfulness those publicly confessing their faith through baptism.

Yet Not I, But Through Christ in Me , which is the theme of baptism, closes our service along with a benediction from Revelation 1:5-6 .

Call To Worship  Isaiah 12:1-6

Prayer of Invocation

Hymn 31 All Creatures of Our God and King

Scripture Reading Ezekiel 36:20-27  

Hymn 179 Ride On Ride On In Majesty

Scripture Reading Acts 8:26-39

Hymn   176 I Know My Redeemer Lives  (stanzas 1-4)

Pastoral Prayer

Sermon The Happy Funeral of Baptism Romans 6 

Offering – Song 11 Come Ye Sinners poor and Needy


Song Yet Not I But Christ

Benediction Revelation 1:5-6


Order of Service 12/05

Call to Worship Psalm 113:1-9

Prayer of Invocation

Hymn 191 All Hail The Power of Jesus’ Name

Chronological Reading Genesis 11:1-32


Sermon Philippians 2:5 Christ’s Humiliation

Song 25 Lord Jesus Christ, How Far You Came

Benediction Revelation 5:12 


Order of Service 09/05

“God’s benevolence on the undeserving” is an accurate description of grace, which is the theme from 2 Samuel 9 which we will be studying today.  We will spend an eternity marveling at the willingness of God to forgive and bless us abundantly.

God’s worthiness compels us to willingly obey the command to worship Him, hence our Call to Worship from Psalm 145. We ask Father, Son and Spirit to grant special blessing in our hearts and minds and then praise Him with a hymn about grace derived from Psalm 103, Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven.

Only by grace will we ever fulfill the family roles as God intended, and celebrating our mothers on Mother’s Day, we give special honour to them by reading from Proverbs 31.

Though God is not the author or cause of evil, the fallen world makes evident His grace and it shines even more brightly in the coming of the Messiah. Our hymn of the month reminds us of the ultimate act of grace in Christ’s sacrifice, in Ride On Ride On, In Majesty.

We truly are only starting to get a glimpse of grace when we realize our status before a holy God. Our second Scripture reading from Ephesians 2 helps us to understand ourselves and God’s unmerited favor. Charles Wesley provides us the poetic words to utter our amazement as recipients of grace in  And Can It Be.

We then take the opportunity to unite in prayer, voicing our appreciation, our dependence and our needs. As beneficiaries of our loving God’s grace, we give back to God with joyful hearts while singing, O Father, Thou Whose Love Profound.

We then turn to the Word as we learn of David and his unconditional grace to Mephibosheth in 2 Samuel 9. In Here Is Love, we meditatively sing of our needs abundantly met in the floodgates of God’s grace. We are dismissed with Numbers 6:24-26, the Benediction.

Call to Worship Psalm 145:1-10

Prayer of Invocation

Song 29 Praise My Soul The King of Heaven

Scripture Reading Proverbs 31:10-31

Hymn 179 Ride on Ride On In Majesty

Scripture Reading Ephesians 2:1-9

Hymn 229 And Can It Be

Pastoral Prayer

Offering – Hymn 39 O Father, Thou Whose Love Profound

Sermon: David’s unconditional grace to Mephibosheth in 2 Samuel 9

Hymn 212 Here is Love

Benediction Numbers 6:24-26


Order of Service 05/05

Call to Worship Psalm 98

Prayer of Invocation

Hymn 57 Praise To The Lord, The Almighty

Chronological Reading – Genesis 10:1-32


Sermon: Living Likemindedness (Philippians 2:1-4).

Hymn 254 Christian Hearts in Love United

Benediction Romans 15:5–6


Lord’s Supper Order of Service 29/04

Call to Worship: 1 Peter 1:3-5
Prayer of Invocation
Hymn 228 Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness
Scripture Reading: Isaiah 52:13-53:12
Baptism & Membership Testimonies
New Hymn 179 Ride On, Ride On in Majesty!
Baptism & Membership Testimonies
Song 33 Thou Art Worthy
Apostles’ Creed
Hymn 273 Credo
Fence, Silent Prayer
Hymn 282 Amidst Us Our Beloved Stands
Distribution of Elements
Song Yet Not I, but Through Christ in Me
Benediction: 1 Thessalonians 5:23


Order of Service 02/05

God is Holy and He imputes Christ’s holiness to the believing sinner, and so the believer must practically become what he/she is positionally. Our study of 1 Peter reveals and proclaims this wonderful truth.

God calls us to worship Him in His holiness and majesty from Psalm 29 and we respond with a prayer appealing to God to bless us as we seek to obey.

It is only through Jehovah’s guidance that we will truly become what we are, this we sing, Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah, as we are mindful of our inability and His great power.

Our reading of 1 Corinthians makes known that the foundation of becoming what we are, is Christ and it is on Him that we build. Believers are called not to be content with salvation only but to build the church through faithful ministry.

It is with the confidence of the union with Christ that believers can withstand Satan’s attacks. This same assurance drives us to practically grow in the character of our great loving High Priest. Singing Before The Throne of God Above, we reflect on this reality.

Setting the background and context for our sermon text, we read of the elect pilgrims and their heavenly inheritance in 1 Peter 1:1-12.

Knowing our own hearts and how we are prone to wander and to leave the God we love, in Come Thou Fount, we appeal to God to tune our hearts and to teach us so we can walk in the light and grow in Christlikeness.

We unite in corporate prayer as we pray for the church, society and missions.

We sing My Hope Is Build on Nothing Less while taking the offering

Proclaiming God’s word, we learn to Become What We Are from 1 Peter 1:13-17.

Love fulfills the whole law and practical holiness is becoming more like Christ, so we desire more love, and sing More Love To Thee.

We are dismissed with the Benediction comforting us of God’s ability to establish us according to His purpose.

Call for worship Psalm 29:1-11

Prayer of Invocation

Hymn 264 Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
Scripture reading 1 Corinthians 3 9-23

Song 7 Before the Throne of God

Scripture Reading 1 Peter 1:1-12

Hymn 253 Come Thou Fount

Pastoral Prayer

Offering – Hymn 216 My Hope is Built on Nothing Less

Sermon Become What You Are – 1 Peter 1:13-17

Hymn 247 More Love To Thee

Benediction Romans 16:25-27


Order of Service 28/04

Tonight we will be studying Colossians 1:1-8 themed: “The Triad of Grace”. Here we will see that Faith, Love and Hope forms the basis of our motivation for thanksgiving.

We call upon YAHWEH from Isaiah 12:4-6 as our Call To Worship and then ask for illumination, focus and blessing on the service. In O worship The King, we sing of our Lord Who is worthy to be worshiped in reverence and gratitude, rejoicing our hearts as we continue to trust Him.

Reading Genesis 9 this week, we learn of God’s promise to Noah, his sons and eventually, his death. We pray for our members as well as Muslims since it is the month of Ramadan and then we open the Scriptures and allow the Holy Spirit to use His words, to shape and mend our hearts.

We show our gratitude by singing Now Thank We All Our God and then close with the Benediction.

Call to Worship Isaiah 12:4-6


Hymn 29 O Worship The King

Scripture reading Genesis 9:1-29


Sermon Colossians 1:1-8: The Triad of Grace

Hymn 56 Now Thank We All Our God

Benediction Philippians 4:23


Order of Service 25/04

We start the service and stop our normal daily routines and quiet our souls as we think and incline our hearts to God, reading Psalm 46 as the Call to Worship. We then ask God’s grace and blessing on the service and then sing A Mighty Fortress is Our God, a paraphrase of Psalm 46.

When Nehemiah and the Jews started to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem amidst strong opposition, we are given a real-life example and insight to our spiritual battle of both building and fending off the wicked. This we read in chapter 4 of the book Nehemiah.

Our hymn of the month reminds us that we are fighting from the position of victory, in Yet Not I, But Through Christ In Me. But this position of victory still requires us to be equipped for the good fight and our second reading reveals the defensive and offensive pieces of God’s armour every Christian must wear to be effective in the war.

We then sing of the Christian’s call to report for duty, fully equipped by the power of the High Commander, in Soldiers of Christ, Arise. We call on the Name of the Lord as a congregation as we unite in prayer, bringing our needs before the Throne of grace with thanksgiving.

We pledge allegiance to our God based on the war Christ won on our behalf on the cross by singing My God, I Love Thee while taking the offering. The Scriptures are then opened and expounded from 2 Samuel 8.

We then revere and admire Our Great God in song and close with the Benediction.

Call to Worship Ps. 46:1-11

Prayer of Invocation

Hymn 302 A Mighty Fortress is Our God (based on Psalm 46)

Scripture Reading  Neh. 4:1-23

Hymn Yet Not I, But Through Christ In Me

Scripture Reading Eph. 6:10-22

Hymn 262 Soldiers of Christ

Pastoral Prayer

Offering – Hymn 234 My God I Love Thee


Song 27 O Great God

Benediction 1 Peter 5:10-11


Order of Service 21/04

Paul to the Church of Philippi is urging Christians to stand firm in the truth, in unity, without backing down. This message of Worthy Christian Citizenship we will be studying tonight from Philippians 1:27-30.

We begin the service with the Call to Worship from Psalm 135 and then appeal to God’s grace and blessing on us. The Evening Prayer is appropriately sung, giving praise to God this night and then we turn to Genesis 8, continuing our Chronological Scripture Reading through the Bible.

Praying for members and others, we intercede and make our requests know before God Almighty with thanksgiving. Turning to Philippians 1:27-30 we receive the Word of the Lord and there after sing Change Your Church O God.

We are dismissed with the Benediction

Call to Worship Psalm 135:19-21

Prayer of Invocation

Hymn 2 Evening Prayer

Chronological Reading – Genesis 8:1-22


Sermon Philippians 1:27-30 “Worthy Christian Citizenship”

Song 8 Change Your Church, O God

Benediction 2 Corinthians 13:14