Order of Service 17/03

A Creator of such glory deserves praise from every creature. We are called into worship, alongside ever created thing in Psalm 148. We turn this into song with “All Creatures of our God and King”.

Our reading in the Tanakh is from Isaiah 53, where Messiah is predicted to bear the transgressions of Israel, and of others. We then praise the Messiah in “Alleluia! Sing to Jesus”.

Our New Covenant reading takes us to the moment when Jesus inaugurated the new covenant, using words which Moses used when instantiating the old covenant. 

It is then our time to pray and give, followed by a time of receiving the Word. Our text in Hebrews 9:15-28 explores how Jesus mediates the new covenant to us, with its full and final forgiveness. We close with the implications of this, in the song, “Complete in Thee”.



Call to Worship: Psalm 148

Prayer of Invocation

Hymn 31 All Creatures of Our God and King

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 53:1-12

Hymn 180 Alleluia! Sing to Jesus

Scripture Reading: Luke 22:1-20

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn 12: Glory Be to the Father


Sermon: Hebrews 9:15-28: The Last Will and Testament of Jesus the Messiah

Song 20 Complete in Thee




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