Order of Service 13/01

As we return to the epistle to the Hebrews, we want to remind ourselves of why we should remain faithful to the Finisher of our faith. One of those reasons is His faithfulness to remember our labour for Him. 

First Corinthians 3:11-15 describes the rewards for those whose foundation is Christ alone. We therefore sing of our sole trust and hope in Him, in the song “In Christ, Alone”.

Our reading in the Gospel of Matthew reveals that God will not fail to reward the smallest act done for Him. In light of this kind of God, we can comfortably sing “What God Ordains Is Always Good”.

The Scripture in Revelation 15 describes a scene in Heaven where the heavenly dwellers praise God, both for His judging the wicked and for His rewarding the righteous. Here we turn our hearts up to Him in prayer. 

Bonar’s hymn “Go Labor On” is our hymn of meditation as we present our offerings to God. We then worship God in preaching: exulting God through exposition of His glory. 

After reflection, we sing of the reward of Heaven itself, in the hymn, Jerusalem the Golden. 



Call to Worship: 1 Corinthians 3:11-15

Prayer of Invocation

Song 21 In Christ Alone

Scripture Reading: Matthew 10:37-42

Song 36 What God Ordains Is Always Good

Scripture Reading: Revelation 11:15-19

Pastoral Prayer

Offering Congregational Hymn 300 Go Labor On (ROCKINGHAM)

Sermon: Hebrews 6:9:12: Reasons to Persevere (1)


Song Jerusalem the Golden



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