Order of Service 18/11

If discernment is the skill of understanding God’s Word and God’s world so as to love what God loves, then we must grow in discerning the meaning of the world itself. We begin with Psalm 111, which emphasises the joy of studying God’s works, and culminates in the foundation of discernment.
We lift up our voices in a call for grace, and then sing a hymn that reminds us whose world this is: our Father’s.
Our reading in the Tanakh records Solomon’s request for wisdom, and how it affected his knowledge of the world.
We then sing a very special hymn by one of the greatest of the Christian “metaphysical” poets, George Herbert. Taken from his poem “The Elixir”, this hymn, “Teach Me, My God and King”, teaches us to see the meaning of God’s world in all that we do.
The reading in the New Testament reminds us that it is in pursuit of pleasing the Lord that we find out what is acceptable to God, and become wise and discerning in this world.
Our congregational prayer this morning includes special prayer for the work in the Philippines taking place now. During our time of giving, we sing a hymn that prepares us to hear the Word, “Blessed Jesus At Thy Word”.
We then study the concept of discerning the world in the book of 1 Corinthians. We close with a hymn of consecration, offering all our faculties and possessions for God’s special use, and close with a benediction of praise.



Call to Worship: Psalm 111

Prayer of Invocation

Hymn 41 This Is My Father’s World

Scripture Reading: 1 Kings 3:4-12; 4:29-34

Hymn 259 Teach Me, My God and King (ST THOMAS)

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 5:1-17

Pastoral Prayer

Offering: Congregational Hymn 239 Blessed Jesus At Thy Word

Sermon: Learn to Discern (4): Discerning the World

Hymn 243 Take My Life

Benediction: Philippians 4



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